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Clubs and nightclubs: where to go out in Lisbon

6 years ago - Julie D.

The nightlife in Lisbon is active and passionate. Everyone meets for dinner or to have a drink (see our addresses of the trendiest restaurants in Lisbon, the best bars and rooftops) and enjoy the long evenings once the season allows it. Like its cousin the Madrilenian movida, the Lisbon night is an important part of Portuguese culture - another "popular tradition" to enjoy, to dance until the end of the night!

The night in Lisbon begins and ends late. Not that many people in the clubs before two or even three in the morning. While waiting for the dance tracks to fill up, we have plenty of time to dine, then stroll from bar to bar along the alleys of Bairro Alto, the party district.

Rue de Lisbonne la nuit

The clubs of the Portuguese capital each have their own unique atmosphere. Many have opened their doors in old warehouses in the dock area, Cais do Sodré. Everyone will find music to their taste: the latest hits on which we dance all summer, or on the contrary sets of very good DJs, going through jazz, electro or world music - even black metal: we go out at night in Lisbon according to one’s musical tastes.

And nothing prohibits plundering, a night here, a night there, a "before" mainstream, an "after" more alternative. To go clubbing in Lisbon, all the excuses are good. So, let's not be sectarian - we can relate to unknown musical genres out of curiosity, because that's part of the discoveries of the trip!

Queen of clubs: LuxFrágil, to see and to be seen

Fat Boy Slim played here, and John Malkovich is one of the owners ... LuxFrágil is regularly in first place in the rankings of places to go clubbing in Lisbon.

This huge club, on three floors, is the nec-plus-ultra: from the roof terrace overlooking the Tagus, for a breath of fresh air on hot nights, to the techno basement, lit by stroboscopes which flash to the rhythm of the music, it is the club where one goes to see and to be seen.
It crosses the lisboet jet-set, but beware, whoever says exclusive says selection at the entrance. This is the opportunity to get on your 31st with your best clothing: this is where the "beautiful people" meet.

The decor changes regularly, and the temptation of excess is never far: giant screens, giant armchairs, giant globes hanging from the ceiling. We go there in the wee hours, around 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning.

LuxFragil - Av. Infante D. Henrique, Armazem A, Cais da Pedra a Sta. Apolonia, 1950 - 376 Lisbon.

Danser jusqu'au bout de la nuit en club à Lisbonne

African music for connoisseurs: B.Leza

Since 2012 and its move to a former warehouse of the docks, B.Leza knows a beautiful rebirth. This is THE legendary club of African music, for aficionados of swaying rhythms.
The happy few who master the demanding hips of the Angolan and Cape Verdean music, kizomba, semba and funaná, will come to enjoy it, especially during very popular workshops.
The DJs and live music orchestras are all excellent and promise nights with communicative energy. Once a month, fado party; Sunday evening, kizomba lessons from 19h, and kizomba evening until 2am.

B.Leza - Cais da Ribeira Nova, Armazem B, 1200-109 Lisbon - open from Wednesday to Sunday

La nuit à Lisbonne dans le Bairro Alto

The big Classics: Incógnito, Ministerium

They are also regularly mentioned among the best clubs, Incógnito and Ministerium are great classics on the course of clubs and nightclubs in Lisbon.

Incógnito, the oldest club in Lisbon, has been opened continuously since 1988, nothing less. Alternative rock and synthpop eighties, the musical choices are indie. Inside, a mezzanine overlooks the dance floor, while above, a loft with a second bar offers a space to catch one's breath. Here too, the selection at the entrance can be a niggling thing. True to its name, the club is not named outside, so find the address and ring.

Incógnito - Rua Poiais of Sao Bento 37 (Bairro Alto), 1200-346 Lisbon

Ministerium, on the Praça do Comércio, owes its name to the fact that it has settled in an old building of the Ministry of Finance, and carries with glamor its 18th century architecture. But beware, Ministerium is a club only on Saturday night. During the day, its restaurant (Cantina) serves refined meals for lunch and dinner.

Ministerium - Terreiro do Paço, 1100-038 Lisbon - Club on Saturday from 23h to 6h

The sulfurous charm of an old brothel: Pensão Amor

This club bar opened its doors in an old brothel and does not hesitate to remind it. The decor, pin-up posters, red velvet and fringes with shades, is in the theme, and at the bottom of the club, hidden from view, is even a discreet sex-shop ...

In a hushed and relaxed atmosphere, we come for a drink and enjoy a varied program: concerts (jazz, solo artists), burlesque cabaret, pole dancing.

Pensão Amor - Rua do Alecrim 19, 1200-292 Lisbon

Clubes y bares de noche en Lisboa

For the nostalgic of the 80s, two unusual addresses

Interested in dancing away to tunes of the summer? For nostalgic of the New Wave of the 80s, Club Noir specializes in eighties music: indie, indietronic, synthwave, retrowave, different currents are honored every Saturday night. On Friday, however, heavy metal and hardrock. All in a surprising setting: Club Noir has invested the vaulted cellars of the former tropical club Bora-Bora, and has kept the decor a little kitsch ...

Club Noir- Rua da Madalena 201, 1100 Lisbon - Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays from 23h to 4h

Another club that has nothing to do with mainstream music, and who cares little to be taxed as corny, Metropolis focuses on the "dark scene": post-punk, goth, darkwave and harsh elektro find their fans here. The club regularly organizes Depeche Mode or Guns'n'Roses parties, as well as Rockline Tribe and Vanguarda parties (see their events on Facebook).
Metropolis Club - Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo 35, 1050 - 118 - In the 2nd basement of the Imaviz building (green building next to the Sheraton)

Here is the recipe for a successful Lisbon evening: spend as much time as you like relaxing after a day of sightseeing. Once dressed to the nines, refreshed and pampered, you are ready to go out to a club or a nightclub in Lisbon.

It's time to step on the stage and make a big impression: on a holiday basis, add a spoon of curiosity, a hint of heat, several fresh beers or well-mixed cocktails, a generous swig of friendly conversations and laughter with a throat, a pinch of seduction, not to mention a hint of flirtation. Mix the whole thing up to the rhythm of the music (shake shake!) On the dance floor of your choice.

To finish in style, all you have to do is go home in the early morning, tired but happy, your head slightly misty, greeting the sun rising on the Tagus.