Shopping break in Lisbon, the most beautiful boutiques

5 years ago - Pauline P.

Because bringing home souvenirs is part of the charm of the journey, discover our selection of the unmissable or original shops of Lisbon. To carry in your suitcases a little bit of Lisbon sweetness...

Conserveira de Lisboa

Bringing back cans of your adventures from abroad, is not ordinary. But yet the artisan canned goods of fish from the Lisbon Conservancy are so pretty and delicious that they have become the # 1 gift idea of any Lisbon holiday! The shop, authentic, has not changed since its opening in 1930.

Conserveira de Lisboa (rua dos Bacalhoeiros, 34)

Conserveira da Lisboa

A vida portuguesa

Authenticity is the key word of this concept store that brings together under one banner the best of Portugal. Dishes, toothpaste, pencils, soaps, confectionery, books, sneakers... in this old grocery store you will find everything that is Portuguese, that has a history, and that is of quality. Going through the La Vida Portuguesa door is a real journey in time: you will find there the best things of our childhood and the bestsellers of our time...

A vida portuguesa, Rua Anchieta 11, 1200-023 Chiado

A vida portuguesa Lisboa

A Carioca

At the gates of the Bairro Alto, this place is truly incredible: one is seduced by the scents of tea and coffee that come from the ends of the world, while admiring the Art Deco of the early years of the 20th century!

A Carioca (rua da Misericordia, 9)

A Carioca Cafe

LX Factory

Located in Alcantara in a former disused factory, this space that regroups a bookstore, restaurants, cooking schools, workshops, business incubators ... is the fashionable Lisbon place to be. A place of creation, commerce and ideas of all kinds. There is everything for everyone in an industrial world with a very successful rehabilitation.

LX Factory (rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103)

LX Factory Lisboa

Real Slow Retail concept store

Real is the department store par excellence, which welcomes great designers and a more sharp selection. You can find everything: clothes, accessories, books, sunglasses, children's toys, decorative objects and even a snack area where you can enjoy very good bagels! A welcoming and bright place for a shopping break, where the very considerate staff has transformed the customer service into a true concept of "slow retail".

Real (praça do Principe Real, 21)

Real department store

Cortico & Netos

A very original concept in this shop: four brothers decided to sell the stocks of azulejos and industrial earthenware of a company founded by their grandfather, who had accumulated, since the 1940s, the end of series of many of these tiles. The result: more than 900 different designs are available for prices ranging from 2 € to 6 €. The 30 years of stock of this family are stored on beautiful wooden shelves. And more modern items are also offered.

Calçada de Santo André 66, 1100-497 Lisboa

Azulejos store in Lisbon