Lisbon’s seaside: the most beautiful beaches around the Portuguese capital

7 years ago - Pauline P.

It's beautiful out, it's hot, and you’re wandering the city of 7 hills discovering its every corner! At every viewpoint, the ocean awaits you, and your only idea is to: take a dip to cool off! Even if the Portuguese capital does not offer a real beach, its surroundings are full of beautiful stretches of sand and also private coves. Follow this guide...

In the North, you have the nearest beaches, but also the most visited

Carcavelos, The ultimate family destination

Carcavelos Beach

At only 20 minutes from Lisbon by train (Estoril line), Carcavelos beach is the largest beach near the Portuguese capital, but also probably the most crowded. Surfers enjoy the waves there, those into sports; volleyball competitions and families; the many restaurants and terraces that border the sea.

Guincho, for thrill seekers

Guincho Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in the area, enjoying an exceptional setting between city and mountain. This place was adopted by kite surfing, windsurfing and sailing sports fans, Guincho beach receives many national and international competitions throughout the year.

Adraga, One of the most beautiful beaches of Europe

Adraga Beach

Elected in 2003 among the 20 most beautiful European beaches by the Sunday Times, Beach Adraga enjoys an exceptional natural environment. Located in the heart of the Sintra Natural Park - Cascais, the beach is surrounded by cliffs carved by the ocean, and is much less crowded than the beaches located a little further south.

In the south, 30 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches

Troia, jet set and a taste of the Caribbean

Troia Beach

With its white sand and crystal clear waters, warmer than elsewhere on the coast, the Troia beach became the fashionable spot in the south of Lisbon. A trendy clientele enjoys the luxury and high-end restaurants and hotels that borders the ocean ...all to make you think of the Caribbean!

Portinho de Arrabida, Sumptuous diving spot

Portinho de Arrabida Beach

The green of the vegetation covering the mountains, the blue crystal waters of the bay, the white sand of the many isolated coves ... a real postcard landscapes Portinho de Arrabida. And a renowned diving spot in a protected marine reserve.

Figueirinha, white sand to the horizon

Figueirinha Beach

A relaxing spot by excellence, The Figueirinha beach is known for its white sandbanks and transparent waters, which promises a change of scenery. Put on your swimsuits! Ready? Dive!